Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snappy

“Where did you get this?” Demanded Lady Abigail of the stranger.

“I bought it,” answered the man succinctly. “From Egon the Tailor.” Abigail held the ribbon behind her shoulder where Queen Pirouette could take it without attracting much notice. As soon as her fingertips touched the article, she recognized it for what it was. On one side, the words “For my beloved P,” were stitched in golden thread.

“Egon the Tailor?” Mused Lady Eleanor. “Never heard of him.”

“Nor I,” agreed Lady Abigail.

“He was GarGar’s tailor. He could always be relied upon to make his clothes. My beloved always looked snappy. He was more fashion conscious than anyone at court,” said the Queen wistfully.