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Weekly Challenge, Sunday Stills: Essence of Zen

Bumblebee 5Hornet 1Butterfly 3#Sunday Stills Challenge #Essence of Zen #Weekly Photo Challenge

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

Branches bw#Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge #CB&W

*Please note: I took this photograph earlier this month. It was not originally a color photo that I later edited into b&w. Rather, I used a black & white filter on my camera when I took the shot. While the difference may be subtle, I do think that there is a discernible difference. Thanks, Cee for another opportunity to participate in a photography-community challenge!

Six Word Saturday

VinesTangled tendrils torment trees to termination.

Travel with Intent Six Word Saturday Challenge

Vines again_edited-1


California Wild Flowers

wild flowers 3

wild weeds


Bumblebee and Rose of Sharon




Corruption 9

Corruption 4Corruption 5

In the Garden Three

Garden angel