City Sonnet Colors and Letters

August 27: Rich blue

City Sonnet’s August Colors and Letters Photo a Day Challenge

City Sonnet’s February Colors and Letters Challenge: Orange Sorbet

Dawn 1

Orange 3 roseCity Sonnet’s February colors and letters challenge

November Colors & Letters: Shadow, November 29, 2019

Fly 1
This photo is an old favorite!

Rather than casting a shadow, this crow is in shadow!

November Colors and Letters: Shadow, November 29, hosted by City Sonnet!

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City Sonnet

November Photo a Day Challenge: no. 2 Fading Flowers

Dried flowers

While these flowers seemed to have completed the process of fading, I still think they are rather pretty, so I submit them for today’s photo challenge for November. Thank you, City Sonnet for this opportunity! I’ll do my best to keep up.

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city sonnetCity Sonnet

City Sonnet September Photo a Day Challenge: Rain, 9-30-2019

Rain 3IMG_0001#City Sonnets #September Photo a Day Challenge #Rain

City Sonnet’s September Photo a Day Challenge: Sculpture

StatueHere is my entry for City Sonnet’s September Photo a Day Challenge, taken last month in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland. I am very proud of my hometown which happens to be the state capitol.