CMMC: June Alphabet Must Have K at the end of a Word: July 28, 2021

Beautiful duck
Firework(s) A little bit of a cheat…

Finally, we have the four o’clock

Mama Cormier’s Thursday Trios: May 13, 2021

Mama Cormier’s Thursday Trios photo challenge.

Three cute little duckies! 😺
That’s old Maxwell in front with Garçon on the left and Pirouette to the right!
The last time we saw this motley crew they were partying it up for Saint Patrick’s Day. Now they seem to have mellowed in attire more befitting the Easter season.

CMMC – Match Words with ch or ck

Sneak submission for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – Match Words with ch or ck.

First I’d like to offer you a baCKyard feast.

You can tell it’s raining because the squirrels’ tails are wet!

Here we have the CHesapeake Bay with a big tanker.

Here we have some branCHes in front of a big, blue sky.

Mustn’t forget to include the duCKs.

Last but not least we have a staCK of wood!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Duck

In no time at all, le Comte des Deux Chats became the toast of the town. With his wit and charm, impeccable manners and his dashing figure, all the men wanted to be him and all the women wanted to have him. When he announced that there would be a duck hunt at his country estate, half of the court (with the exception of the King) flooded to his gate.

As the participants organized themselves with their retrievers and sappers, their trumpeters and valets, GarGar rode amongst them, looking for a special attendee. Disappointed, he finally shouted, “Has anyone seen Princess Pirouette?” Af first there was a general silence. “Has nobody seen her?” He cried. Finally, a single voice broke the uncomfortable silence. It was Tata Sous-sus, “Oh! I thought everyone knew that Her Highness abhors blood sports.”

What a strange day! So far I’ve created three posts with ducks in them. Luckily, I’ve no shortage of duck photos. Russell