Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge #3: Jump for Joy

For my fortieth birthday (many years ago) I treated myself to a short vacation on the island of Maui.  While I would hardly characterize turning forty years of age a cause celabre, I still managed to have a good time.  These exciting shots were taken on the Road to Hana.  It’s a terrifying stretch of road, but it’s worth the grey hairs.  How often do you get to jump off of a waterfall into a beautiful lagoon?

There’s a book called Maui Revealed.  It’s updated annually.  Available on Amazon, it’s a must-read if you are planning a vacation in Maui.Maui 8Maui 13This is my submission to Cee’s newest challenge: On the Hunt for Joy.


Granny Shot It WWE Challenge: October 20, 2019

WWE 8#Granny Shot It! #Water Water Everywhere #WWE

Granny Shot It WWE Challenge: September 20, 2019

Maui 9#Granny Shot It #Water Water Everywhere #WWE

Ragtag Daily Prompts: Bush

Maui 6Maui, June 2002, Note Diamond Head in the distance.

Maui 7Maui, June 2002, Note waterfall in center of frame.

#Ragtag Daily Prompts #RDP #Bush

Ragtag Daily Prompts: Caprice

Maui 8#Ragtag Daily Prompts #RDP #Caprice

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Excursion

Excursion 2Excursion 1#Ragtag Daily Prompt #RDP #Excursion

Desert Fox

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