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Ragtag Daily Prompts, Friday the 13th: Sardonic

Max in window 2Famous for his sardonic humor, Maxwell told his neighbor, Mr. Mouse, “Some of my best friends are mice.”

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Ragtag Daily Prompts, Thursday: Troglodyte

I come from planet Trog.

Cicada 1Take me to your leader!

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Happenstance

It was by mere happenstance…

Squirrel 3Squirrel 1Squirrel 2…that I was able to photograph this squirrel. I was in the kitchen making coffee when I spied the little fella feasting on some peanuts that I’d left as bait in the yard. It had slipped my mind that I’d begun leaving them bait. As fate would have it, my camera was sitting right on the kitchen counter. Even more astounding was the fact that it had a zoom lens. I snatched up the camera, opened the kitchen door that leads directly into the back yard. The rest is history.


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Ragtag Daily Prompts Challenges: Fervid

Flag 1“America! Love it or leave it!” shouted Mr. Snapjaw with fervid intensity. As he did so, he took his news magazine and tossed it at the head of the woman who was reading the news on the television.

“Be quiet!” snapped Mrs. Snapjaw through clenched teeth. “The neighbors can hear you!”

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Infuriate

Chesapeake Bay RDPFifty years ago, when I was a boy, I could see clear to the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. Now it is so murky from pollution (due primarily toconstruction site run-off and farmers’ fertilizers) that it INFURIATES me. Save the Bay!

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Marker

Niggy bw 2Niggy bwA prolific MARKER of his territory, Nigel watch with mounting anxiety as the dog across the street began to lift a hind-leg at a tree. This tree was Nigel favorite for climbing and observing potential prey.

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Ragtag Daily Prompts: Ameliorate

Hadley 1When I took her picture, this little girl covered her face. Nobody could see how pretty she is! Something had to be done to AMELIORATE the situation.

Hadley 2So I took another photograph!

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