Ragtag Daily Prompt: Comeuppance

When the mob pushed its way into the garden, King GarGar was ready to greet them, sword unsheathed. Without a second thought, he waded into the crowd of rioters, swinging his sword with abandon. “You will all get your comeuppance!” He shouted, nearly choking with rage.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Hope

Max psychMaxwell stood at the doorway that opened into Satan’s bedchamber. Nervous about being summoned into the presence of the Big Man, he hesitated before entering. Satan was consistent in one thing, and one thing only; that would be his unpredictability. The last time Maxwell was this position, he entered Satan’s bedroom a man and came out as a cat.

Printed in expressive Gothic script over the door was the sentence: Abandon all hope, yea who enter here.