Becky’s Bright Square Challenge – April 8

This is my entry for Becky B of Life of B’s April Bright Square Challenge. According to my photo editor, this image is equal in length and width. So why does it look (to me) as if it’s taller than wider?

From last Summer

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Seminal

GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats put the map back on the table and closed his eyes. In his mind he could see the distribution of his troops along the river that separated him from the enemy. He knew that tomorrow’s battle would be hard fought, but he was confident of victory. As a direct result of the publication of his seminal treatise on modern warfare, His Majesty had placed him in charge of all of the kingdom’s armies. It was a heavy burden, but GarGar was confident that with the scientific application of military principles, he would meet the challenge honorably.

The next day, all went as planned. GarGar could still hear the cries of the wounded in their throes. He could smell the smoke from the cannon fire. Yes, victory was his. The enemy broke ranks and fled in confusion before his men. Yet, somehow he did not feel satisfied, nor even proud of his accomplishment. Instead he felt a nagging sense of unease, disquiet that penetrated his very soul.