Ragtag Daily Prompt: Operation

As a general, GarGar le comte des Deux Chats was beyond reproach. Not one to hide in his tent during a battle, he was always there on the front lines, encouraging his men, directing the operation. After a battle, he was always sure to visit the wounded, making sure that they were getting the best of care possible. For this, his men loved him. It was obvious to all that he loved his soldiers in return.

In short order, the plaudits for le comte poured in. At court he preferred to wear his uniform, emblazoned with medals. He loved the feel of his sword as it bounced against his leg, especially when dancing. Unlike most of the men at court, he did not wear a wig. Instead he wore his general’s cap with its jaunty feather from a bird of paradise. With his confident stride and friendly smile, he was the bon vivant of the entire palace.