Granny Shot It Halloween Decorations Countdown: October 25, 2019, Six days left

Moon 2“La lune est belle,” from the 1945 film Les Enfants du Paridis. This is the moon in its splendor. “She’s like a drunken woman who has cast off her veils and is looking for lovers,” from the play Salome by Oscar Wilde. This image may not count as Halloween decorations but I’m including it in the countdown because it was the last full moon before Halloween and it was stunning! Below is another shot of the same moon.MoonPumpkin patch 1Finally we have a pumpkin patch. Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Countdown: Only Nine Days Left!


I’ve decided to link this post to Granny Shot It’s Eleven Day Challenge. Here’s another photo that is 100% in the spirit of this challenge. Happy blogging, everybody!

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