Molting Cicadas: May 22, 2021

During the day, we see their dried-out exoskeletons. The later we see them buzzing lazily through the air. The first thing they do when they crawl out of the ground is molt. They find a good spot where they can latch on with no effort and then emerge from their outer casing. It’s an amazing process.

What we see in the morning.
How vulnerable they look- almost comical. I think those yellow structures on the side are their unfolded wings.
Getting there!
Free at last!

Cicada, May 19, 2021

This is the year of the seventeen year cicada. While I’ve been seeing lots of holes in the ground from where they’ve been tunneling themselves out to freedom, save one exoskeleton, I’ve seen no live cicada, until today.

Note that he still has a little bit of dirt on his back and wings from his recent ordeal.
Another angle. Smile!
I came across this exoskeleton the other day. I suspect that they must molt fairly soon after emerging from the ground.