Butterfly and Bonus Bumblebee, March 17, 2020

Butterfly 5 - CopyI love it when these little fellows cast their shadows on a sunny day!

Butterfly 7 - Copy

It’s becoming almost obligatory for me to post a bumblebee along with a butterfly each and every day.  This little lady has all the pollen she can handle! I just love bumblebees with their tiny wings protruding from a big thorax and their chubby abdomen with no stinger. They don’t particularly like it, but you can actually pet a bumblebee while it’s eating. Just run your finger very gently down its back while it’s busy gathering pollen. It’s just that easy!

Bumblebee 5

Sunshine’s Macro Monday, March 16, 2020

Bouquet roses 3_7_1 cropRose

Bumblebee 2Bumblebee

Blossom 14Daisy

Sunshine’s Micro Monday #33

Butterfly and Bonus Bumblebee, March 16, 2020

Did you know that the bumblebee used to be called the humble bee due to the fact that it doesn’t have a stinger? Butterfly 1All photographs were taken on September 8, 2019 in Hillsmere, Annapolis.Butterfly 2  I couldn’t resist sharing yet another bee!Bee Hillsmere

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge: September 20, 2019

Blossom 10Bummblebee 9#Cee’s Flower of the Day #FOTD

Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge: Fuzzy

Good morning, all! Here is my contribution to Dutch Goes the Photo‘s Tuesday Challenge: Fuzzy. I love the fuzzy thorax of the bumble bee. Did you know that the bumble bee used to be called a humble bee? That’s because it has no stinger. So don’t  be afraid of the humble bumble bee. Try petting one. They don’t particularly like it, but what can they do?

Bee 1#Dutch Goes the Photo #Tuesday Challenge #Fuzzy