Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny

I don’t think that they come shinier, note the clouds reflected in the paint.
The Annunciation
Even their fuzzy thorax reflects light off of the busy bee.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #144 – Taking Flight

Here are my contribution to Lens-Artists photo challenge #144 – Taking Flight.

This bee is actually zooming in for a landing.
This was a difficult capture but I think it looks pretty cool.
This honeybee is just getting ready to take off.
This dragonfly looks like it has a big smile on its face.

Butterfly and Bonus Bumblebee, March 17, 2020

Butterfly 5 - CopyI love it when these little fellows cast their shadows on a sunny day!

Butterfly 7 - Copy

It’s becoming almost obligatory for me to post a bumblebee along with a butterfly each and every day.  This little lady has all the pollen she can handle! I just love bumblebees with their tiny wings protruding from a big thorax and their chubby abdomen with no stinger. They don’t particularly like it, but you can actually pet a bumblebee while it’s eating. Just run your finger very gently down its back while it’s busy gathering pollen. It’s just that easy!

Bumblebee 5