CFFC: It’s a Small World

They are tiny, but they are tough!

I captured this amazing specimen a little less than a year ago. I think it may be a horsefly? In this photo the abdomen looks like it’s four inches long. In reality that part of its body was probably only a little over an inch.

This scary critter is a harmless leopard moth. Up close they look quite bellicose, but they’d never hurt a fly!

Here we have the always unpopular yellow jacket. I usually see them buzzing around garbage, but I guess this one was feeling a bit more floral that day at the end of July.

I have an interesting yellow jacket story. I had an aunt and uncle of blessed memory, who had a lakefront cabin on Lake Martin in Alabama. My uncle was mowing the grass when he accidentally pushed the mower over a yellow jacket nest on the ground. He was immediately enveloped into a virulent cloud of angry hornets. He wasn’t wearing a hat to protect his head from the fury he’d just unleashed. We had to ice his poor head for a couple of days until the swelling went down. After we’d cleaned him up, he was totally bald and the hair never grew back again. I guess when it comes to human skin, yellow jackets pursue a scorched Earth policy!

Bees and Butterflies: 28 June 2021

This is someone new. I love her striped abdomen and green thorax. She was fairly petite as well.
We’ve seen this little lady (or her sisters) before.
This was taken September 2019, but never posted until now.
Another capture from September 2019.
June 5, 2021
Last but not least from September 2019.

So far this year, I’ve only seen a couple tiger swallow tails. I’ve not seen any monarchs. Last year, I only saw a couple of monarchs. I’m really worried about these larger butterflies. There can be no doubt that they are in decline, at least here in Maryland. I don’t usually plug charities on Beautiful Photographs, but I can’t help but put in a word for the Monarch Butterfly Fund.