Ragtag Daily Prompt: Posture

Volumes from the palace library were put to good use in the education of the royal children. Precious tomes, bound in leather with illustrations in the marginalia were shelved according to subject. Often the three royal princesses took lessons together for such subjects as comportment. Lady Bitterschmidt, their instructor in this matter had been their mother’s instructor for the exact same subject twenty years prior.

“All right, children!” She said. “Today we are going to work on our posture.” The two elder girls groaned with displeasure. The youngest, little LaLa held a big, thick book in her hands. This was to be her first lesson on the subject, so she was ill-prepared for what lay in store.

“All right, girls!” Bellowed Madame Bitterschmidt. “Balance your book on your head and then walk from where you standing to the opposite wall!”