Ragtag Daily Prompt: Plum

Princess Pirouette sat directly beside the old King at the table in his private dining chamber. Besides the usual servitors, she was the only other person in the room. With each passing day, the old King seemed to be growing more and more thin to the point that his physicians were growing extremely alarmed about his health. “Dear King,” she said. “You must eat. See? I have your favorite right here- plum pudding.” She held a spoonful of the concoction to his lips, but he refused to open his mouth. “Your Majesty,” she pleaded. “You must eat!”

Closing his eyes, the old King reluctantly opened his mouth. Seeing her chance, Pirouette quickly inserted the spoon into his mouth. He grimaced and then spat the food out onto the table. “You’re trying to poison me!” The old man shouted. “Help! Poison!”

Pirouette dropped the spoon onto the table. “Very well,” she said. “If you wish to starve, then starve. May I take my leave?” She rose from the table, curtsied and beat a hasty retreat, holding back tears of frustration.

CMMC: May Close-up or Macro

There’s plenty of pollen for everyone! Photographed 20 September 2020.
Lily- photographed 20 March 2020.
Beetle – photographed August 17, 2019