Ragtag Daily Prompt: Cleanser

Tata Sous-sus stood over the maid who was scrubbing the marble floor in her bedroom, offering helpful advice along the way. “You missed a spot!” She shouted, pointing at the offense with a trembling finger. “Yes, ma’am,” replied the maid softly.

“If you’d only use a proper cleanser,” continued Tata, “your job would be much easier.”

Just then the chamberlain intoned, “Her Royal Highness, Princess Pirouette!”

“Do leave that poor woman alone,” said Pirouette, “and let her do her job!” With each passing day, Pirouette found her patience for Tata Sous-sus being stretched ever-more thin. She could feel the anger that she bottled inside grow with each day, making her chest feel tight and constrained. Any day now, there would be an explosion and Tata would find her wig blown right off her head.