Butterfly, September 4, 2020: Proboscis in detail

Without a doubt this is the best image I’ve captured of the butterfly’s proboscis, also known as a coiled tube. Butterflies don’t have teeth. The proboscis is just like a straw. The butterfly sucks up the nectar of the flower.

Can you see the proboscis?
Besides the proboscis, note the compound eye in this photograph.

Butterfly, October 8, 2019

Butterfly 8This was hands-down my favorite butterfly of the past summer. I called him my superstar, and for good reason. With a wingspan of about four inches and a body the size of my pinkie finger (or larger) he spent a good week posing for me. In this photograph, one can see in detail his proboscis, or coiled tube, with which he feeds.

Butterfly, August 30, 2019 (Superstar)

Butterfly Superstar 91

Butterfly Superstar 4