Cee’s FOTD Challenge: April 27, 2021

The neighbors are coming by to admire our front yard. Some are even taking pictures. This is what it looks like.

This photo hardly does justice to the wisteria and dogwood. If you squint your eyes, at the bottom left of center, you can see one of our azalea bushes.
Interesting macro of a begonia
Even though the petals are white, the comparison with the black and white version is still interesting!
Another macro from the previous begonia.

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge: Violet

Thank you to Cee Neuner for alerting me to this challenge! I’m afraid I’m going to use some of the same subjects for this particular challenge that comes to us by Terri Webster Schrandt of Second Wind Leisure Perspectives.

These wild violets have just a hint of purple in their blossoms.
This iris has two shades of a violet nature.
Our wisteria is just starting to bloom. When it become full-fledged, it is a stunning sight to behold.

One more for the road…

I came across Purple Dog just yesterday. In the background, you can see his friend, Pink Monkey.

Lens-Artists Colorful April Challenge #143

Here is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Challenge #143 – Colorful April. This is something of a part 2.

Silver dollars have a simple but colorful blossom.
The wisteria is beginning to bloom. When they reach full bloom, they are quite stunning.
No mention of April is complete without a look at some tulips!

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: April 18, 2020

I think that the blossom of the wisteria is perhaps one of the most lovely. This grows in our front yard. The Ancient Greeks used to grow wisteria at the sites of their temples. There is something a bit other-worldly about this vine.Wisteria 2


Wisteria 2 crop

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Wisteria 1

fotd-banner (1)