Saturday Sculpture for Chasing Memory, February 15, 2020

Sculpture 1Baltimore, Maryland. February 2, 2020. Sculpture Saturday. Sculpture is one of those words that just looks like it’s spelled wrong to me. Do you have any of those? This is my belated contribution to the Saturday Sculpture challenge.

Which Way Photo Challenge: February 15, 2020

IMG_0535Weems Creek, Which Way Photo Challenge I’m still experiencing some growing pains. I’ve gotten past the URL copy/paste and pingback issue. Now I’m confronted with another problem. I can’t scroll through my media library for images downloaded more than a day or two ago. When I try to get the screen to scroll down, it just jumps back to the previous screen. Does that make sense? I love the Mac and it saddens me that I’ve been rewired to such an extent into a PC user!