Which Way Photo Challenge:February 3, 2020

Escalator 2Escalator 3This is my third entry to the Which Way Photo Challenge.  It’s a wonderful challenge and I encourage all to check out all the creative responses it has garnered.

Escalator 3 bwOkay, one last shot.

I’ll be deconstructing this bridge over the next few days.  I took a number of detailed photos that I can’t wait to share.  Do you like the detail of the gate that drops when the bridge opens?

The structure that the bridge keeper uses fascinates me as well.  It reminds of the kind of fortifications that the Normans built all over England after the Conquest.  These fortifications began life as wooden structures that were then systematically changed to stone.  Even Windsor Castle started off as a glorified wooden, mud-daubed hut.

Sunshine’s Macro Monday: February 3, 2020

Orchid 5 bOrchid

FOTD insect 1This was taken on September 2, 2019.  I don’t know the names of the insect or the blossom.  So this is a macro of a blossom with an insect.

Hornet 2Wasp, and this is a macro of an insect with blossoms.  All of this is forSunshine’s Macro Monday challenge.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Aromatic

It was a time to feast! If anyone loved to eat, it was King GarGar.  Several types of meat were roasted to tickle his fancy- venison, cows and chicken. Rubbed with aromatic herbs and spices, their scent was intoxicating.  It was never in His Majesty’s nature to be abstemious.  Far from it, he loved to wash down his meaty fare with the finest of wines.

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: February 3, 2020

This week for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge I am going to be posting photographs of orchids.  When Cee posted a picture of her sweet pug, Digi, she made the background black.  I decided to copy her with some of my orchids.  After a few fitful starts, I think I got it right with this flower.  So if you are fond of orchids, please come by Beautiful Photographs for a look-see.Orchid 8 aOrchid 8 bOrchid 8 cOrchid 8 d bw

fotd-banner (1)

Photo a Week Challenge: Landscape

I am submitting this photo to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge.Powerlines 1These power lines were featured in a post last week.  This photo gives a more expansive view than previous ones which featured horses as the main subject.  It was taken in what is called “South County” in these parts.  The county in question is Anne Arundel, home to the state capital, Annapolis.  Call me provincial, but I am quite proud of my hometown.


Which Way Photo Challenge- January 31, 2020

WWE 5 aThis is Weems Creek on a particularly foggy morning. The bridge is Roscoe Rowe Blvd. I had a teddy bear named Roscoe when I was little. This is my second entry for this week’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

Max 2

While Maxwell (the demon cat) is the subject of this photo, he is on the staircase which is an acceptable subject for this challenge. If you ever hear of me breaking my neck in a tragic fall down the stairs, please know that it was Maxwell who killed me. It seems his main purpose for being on the stairs is not to travel from one floor of the house to another, rather it’s to trip me and kill me on these very stairs.

Bridge 1This bridge goes over the South River.  The road is Maryland Route 2, also known as Solomon’s Island Road- not to be confused with Old Solomon’s Island Road.  Stay tuned for more groovy pictures for this challenge.  Here in Annapolis, we have the Chesapeake Bay Bridges which are just as mighty as any steel span bridges anywhere in the world! God bless Maryland!