Jez’s WWE Challenge #16: February 25, 2020

State House paintingThis painting hangs in the Maryland State House. I’m not sure what it depicts but I am fairly certain it pertains to either the American Revolution or perhaps the War of 1812. Note that the ship on the right is fly the Union Jack. If anybody can identify this work of art, I’d be most grateful! Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere challenge.

WWE 7This is a real-life contribution to Jez’s Water Water Everywhere challenge. This photo was taken just a few minutes after sunrise. I’m very proud of the photographs that came to life in this series. You are looking at College Creek – one of my most favorite spots in all of Annapolis. I come by here at least once a week, usually because we are trying to shed llll

6 thoughts on “Jez’s WWE Challenge #16: February 25, 2020

  1. Great post, my friend 👏 Love the College Creek shot. The other pic most likely depicts a british merchant ship during the American Revolution. The ensign flown at the masthead is a British ensign, which changed to the current Union Jack after 1801 (the addition of the red diagonal cross overlaying the white of the saltire). I’m not sure about the ship on the left, but possibly an American warship.

    1. Thank you so much, Jez. Your good opinion means an awful lot to me! I’m guessing that the painting depicts a scene from the War of 1812. Marylanders get high over 1812 because of the Battle of Fort McHenry- when the national anthem was written. The British were trying to re-impose their rule on the colonies. The colonies weren’t going to have it. I had an aunt who always equated cleanliness to godliness. She’d be awfully proud of me round about now. LOL

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