Ragtag Daily Prompt: Pareidolia

Babies playbies“Another apparition of the Blessed Virgin has been reported,” announced the Bishop of Catapolis, immediately after the obligatory pleasantries had been exchanged between him and his sovereigns- King GarGar and Queen Pirouette.

“Oh, really?” Responded His Majesty who arched a telling eyebrow as he spoke.

“Yes, my king. It is my understanding that if one is spiritually fit, then he can see Her face in a marble column at the Shrine to Saint Jude.”

“Oh, I see!” Exclaimed Queen Pirouette. “So Our Lady, with the help of Saint Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes, has become something of a watermark to test the spiritual fitness of the people of my kingdom. How fortunate for us!” While her voice was lilting, her tone was withering.

“It’s beginning to look to me as if all these sightings of the Blessed Virgin are little more than scattered cases of pareidolia.”

The bishop held a handkerchief to his mouth as if to wipe it and then muttered quietly into his hand a single word, “Blasphemy.”

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