Ragtag Daily Prompt: Flutter

“This is worth its weight in gold!” Laughed King GarGar as he held the newly minted coin in the palm of his hand. He gave it a toss and listened to it clink and roll on the marble floor. “Quick!” He said to his son. “That’s Papa’s picture on the coin! Take a look.”

The boy scampered off his father’s lap and scurried over to where the coin had landed. It was face down. The reverse side showed a numeral 1 with the word “DUCAT” engraved under it. When he turned it over, he saw his father’s profile with a crown on his head. “Daddy!” Young GarGar laughed. “It’s you!”GarGar 4_20_2Hearing his son’s singsong voice made the King’s heart flutter just a bit. There had been an older son who only made it to this one’s current age. The pain of that loss was heavy. GarGar was certain that he did not have the resources to cope with another such tragedy.

“God bless you, my son!” He cried.GarGar 4_20_1