Ragtag Daily Prompt: Finally!

Babies 4_10_1‘Her Royal Highness La Princesse Gargella was in love. Although she’d never actually met the object of her affection, she did possess a full-length, life-sized portrait of the man, Bertrand, Le duc des jours heureux. Granted, monsieur le duc was ten years senior his bride-to-be, but in noble circles, that was considered a good match. A mature husband could be counted on to guide his younger wife through the rough waters of matrimony to the shores of perpetual wedded bliss. At least, that was the theory.

Babies 4_10_3For days on end, Gargella would loiter about the gallery where le duc’s portrait stood, propped against the wall, as if to hang it would grant it a level of permanence that King GarGar and Queen Pirouette were not prepared to allow. The were in no hurry to see their eldest child, who was still just a child in their eyes, married off, and to a husband who was so very far away in a distant land altogether. Despite the pleas that came from le duc’s agents and representatives who were eager for an alliance with the House of GarGar, the King and Queen held back their consent. So Gargella pined for naught.

Babies 4_10_2When the news finally reached La Princesse that a marriage contract had been signed, she cried, “Finally!” And ran to the gardens to tell her younger sister the news. The entire Court erupted into activity. It had been many years since a royal wedding, and all of the nobles were abuzz. Who would carry the princess’ train? When would Le Duc come to claim his bride? Who would be the maid of honor? Who would be in the wedding party? So many question to be answered! So many arrangements to be made! Would a year be enough time to get all the preparations in order?

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: April 11, 2020

fotd-banner Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Daffy 1First off, I have these interesting daffodils.

Bouquet 4_8_3Next I give you this lovely bouquet.

Bouquet 4_8_3 crop

Here we have a macro of one of the roses from the bouquet. As Cee has been posting roses for the last couple of days, I feel obliged to follow suit. But wait! There’s more…

Bouquet 4_8_3 bw

We have that same rose in black and white!