Ragtag Daily Prompt: Explain

The airs of bugle, fife and drum filled the streets of the city, making the boom of fireworks a fitting crescendo. Gangs of young apprentices, drunk on the wine that flowed from the city’s fountains, roamed the streets singing patriotic songs. Every twenty or thirty minutes, canon fire boomed from the castle that brooded over the city, where King GarGar and Queen Pirouette were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary, as well as a glorious victory over their loathsome enemies. That would explain the madness that seemed to grip the entire city.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Salty

Their Majesty’s Ship La Princesse was christened by Queen Pirouette. To the sound of canon fire, fife and drum, she left her moorings and broke the foam with her prow. A mighty war vessel, La Princesse was commissioned by the Queen in honor of her three daughters, Gargella, Pirouette the younger and LaLa. The Queen was very proud of her “girls” and wished the world to know it. By setting this machine of war to sail the salty seas, the Queen announced to the world, “I am the mother of girls, and proud of it!”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Windbag

Satan’s bedroom door was opened just a crack, so Maxwell could hear the Evil One coughing- the deep, hacking sounds of the dedicated smoker. “Come in, Max! Come in!” Shouted Satan in between expectorations. Maxwell pushed the door open with his muzzle and made his way into the room. It was a mess. On the floor was scattered an arrangement of spent tissues, beer cans, underwear, half-eaten sandwiches and cigarette butts. Roaches scurried about, feasting on their good fortune.

“Tell me, Max. How goes it with the latest family? I want a full report, and don’t be a pompous windbag about it.”