Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bolt

“Is that all the mail for today?” Asked Queen Pirouette.

“Why, yes, darling,” answered King GarGar. “Are you expecting something?”

“Indeed, I am,” smiled the Queen. “My cousin down South is supposed to be sending me a bolt of fabric. I’ve been waiting for weeks now.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: For Our Good

La Princesse LaLa and her twin brother le Prince GarGar le jeune sat side by side at the table, each with a bowl of cream of wheat. As neither of them was particularly fond of the hot cereal, copious amounts of butter, honey and milk were added to make a creamy, sugary concoction for the children to eat. Still, they needed encouragement to ingest their breakfast. They were informed that sometimes, we had to eat things that were a little disagreeable for “our own good.”