Ragtag Daily Prompt: Serious

It was a sad day for Queen Pirouette and her husband, King GarGar. Not only was their oldest child to be formally betrothed for the third time in one year, but it was also the anniversary of the death of their oldest son, little GarGar One. Sitting side by side in the gallery of the cathedral, they watched as their beloved Gargella exchanged vows with the Imperial ambassador who was acting as proxy for his master, the Emperor himself. That their daughter would go from being a princess to become an empress was a serious matter for the Kingdom as a whole.

As for Gargella, she was the only one of her siblings who remembered their departed brother. The two had played together in the nursery. She remembered the tears that were shed by her parents when he passed away. It had made her cry too. She felt the loss keenly, and seeing her parents in such distress only added to Gargella sorrow. That she would be leaving her family to go to a foreign court frightened young Gargella, but she put on a face. The last thing she wanted to do was disappoint her parents.