Ragtag Daily Prompt: Handle

With her husband off campaigning for half of the year, Queen Pirouette often felt like a single mother. When he wasn’t fighting enemies on the field of battle, King GarGar was to be found traveling the width and breadth of the kingdom, inspecting roads, bridges, fortifications, or hearing pleas from high and low regarding everything from inheritances to divorces. King GarGar fancied himself an expert on family law, and his self-opinion was not wholly inaccurate.

Pirouette adopts the classic Sphinx pose.

It wasn’t that Queen Pirouette couldn’t handle the dual responsibilities of motherhood and governance, it was that she sometimes got the impression that King GarGar took her for granted. A simple “thank you” rarely parted his lips. Fortunately, Pirouette’s expectations in this respect were very low, so she was not prone to disappointment. On the other hand, a simple “thanks” would have been greatly appreciated.