Ragtag Daily Prompt: Phenotype

GarGar is an avid reader.

“Apples don’t fall far from the tree,” said King GarGar with a smile as he chucked his youngest child, Princess LaLa under the chin. It was LaLa’s fifth birthday and GarGar wanted this day to be extra special for his child- an occasion never to forget. For her special day, he’d hired clowns and minstrels to entertain both the children and the adults. After a great banquet, there would be cake and ice cream, followed by the gift giving.

Pirouette strikes a pose.

“You look just like your mother at the same age,” said GarGar. “Here. Take a look.” He held out a miniature portrait of the Queen when she was five years old. Princess LaLa looked at the image and exclaimed, “That’s me!”

“No, my darling, that’s your dear mama when she was your age. You see, LaLa, you and your mother share what is called the same phenotype; that is, the same hair and eye color, complexion, stature…” He paused. “Everything!”