Terri’s Sunday Still Challenges: #Weathering Memories

This is my contribution to Terri Webster Schrandt’s Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Weathering Memories. I decided to post photos to illustrate my take on the four seasons.

To me yellow personifies Springtime.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is call!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Arboreal

Princess Pirouette, normally cheerful and buoyant, was feeling more depressed than she’d ever felt before in her life. After surviving a childhood of abuse at the hands of Tata Sous-sus, her informal nanny, the deaths of her parents and an enforced removal from her childhood home, she thought that she had survived the worst that fate could deal her. She was wrong. Now she was looking at an enforced marriage to a man for whom she felt nothing, neither love nor contempt.

Ever victorious in the field of battle, his success in the boudoir was also greatly renowned. Of course there were many women of the court who would have sacrificed anything to be in her position, but the Princess, heir to the throne, felt only one thing- entrapped. How she wished that she were a bird, living an arboreal lifestyle, nesting in the highest tree in the kingdom, safe from the attentions of le comte des Deux Chats.

Knowing GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats to be an ambitious man, Pirouette felt that all his compliments were mere flattery, his gifts of flowers, jewelry, perfume, what-have-you were mere investments on his future. She knew that to him, she was merely a tool to be used to become king. In fact she knew from a reliable source that the prime minister had a medal struck that portrayed her and GarGar as King and Queen. As his queen, she would automatically be in an inferior position. That, more than anything, she found unbearable, intolerable. It was against her nature to scheme or plot, but she would have to do something to prevent the marriage from happening. Baring that, she would have to find a way to keep GarGar in the inferior position.