Ragtag Daily Prompt: Spout

Pirouette and GarGar were playing cards when Abigail rushed into the room. “Your Majesty!” She cried. “Have you heard the latest?” She was panting with excitement.

“Oh, really, Abby! What is it now?” Said GarGar, le comte des Deux Chats.

“Quiet, GarGar,” said the Queen. “Let Abigail speak.”

In a fit of petulance, GarGar crossed his arms, glared at Abigail and tossed his cards, face-up on the table. “I quit!” He pouted his lips as if to say, “So there!”

Rolling her eyes with exasperation, Pirouette looked at Abigail and said, “Well, go on, Abby!”

“There’s a new woman at court. She goes by the name Madame Adriana. She’s going around telling people that some important woman at court is her mother. Who could it be?”

“How may I serve your Majesty today?” Said Tata Sous-sus, entering the room unannounced. She curtsied ever so slightly, looking down at the ground.

“Were you listening by the door, Tata Sous-sus?” Said Abigail Hoffenhoff suspiciously. “What did you hear?”

“Yes, Tata. What did you hear?” Said GarGar with equal suspicion. “Pour it out of that spout you call a mouth!”