Ragtag Daily Prompt: Nervous

From an early age, Tata Sous-sus had learned how to dissemble, to hide her true feelings, to smile when she felt like crying. Living from hand to mouth had taught her that it was usually better to lie than to tell the truth- perfect training for live at Court. For the most part, it had been an easy life, but also a sad one. It left its mark, primarily in a nervous tic around her left eye. When she was upset, the eye would flutter like a butterfly’s wing.

Once this tic became common knowledge at Court, it became a game for the more unkind to try their best to fluster poor Tata. One trick was to ask her a question that she couldn’t possibly know the answer to. Groping for a satisfactory response, she would stutter and the tell-tale sign would erupt to the delight of such sadistic people that are always attracted to power.