Ragtag Daily Prompt: Scot-Free

GarGar put his hands on his hips, and stomped his foot. “I can’t believe what I’m hearing!” He exclaimed. “Are you serious about keep the prime minister where he is? He’s a viper!”

Pirouette laughed. “Why must you always be so melodramatic? I’m the woman, right? You men are always accusing women of being hysterical, but look at you! Stomping your foot like a little boy!”

“After all he’s done to keep us apart and I’m pretty sure he paid more than one person to bump me off, yet you’re not only willing to let him off scot-free, but you’re keeping him on as prime minister?” GarGar was fuming, but he had the sense to keep his temper in check. This was probably another ploy by the prime minister to break them up. “Oh well,” he sighed. “You are the Queen. You can have anybody you want as your prime minister.” He tried to sound nonchalant, but his voice cracked in mid-sentence, making his words ring hollow.

“I believe he will serve me with the same vigor and enthusiasm as he did my predecessor.” Said Pirouette smoothly. “I’ll give him enough rope to hand himself with. Then you can have the pleasure of seeing him fall. If I dismiss him out of hand, I’ll look like an ingrate. Or a tyrant. Or a whole host of other not so nice things.”

“Of course, you’re right, my love. It’s a good thing you are the Queen.” GarGar bowed and kissed Pirouette’s hand. She laughed again, pulling him erect.

“And you are my knight in shining armor!” She said.