Ragtag Daily Prompt: Foreboding

They all met in the game room: Pirouette, GarGar, Tata-Sus, Madame Adriana, Félipe, and Abigail. The teams were paired off: Pirouette, Tata Sous-sus and Abigail made Team One; GarGar Adriana and Félipe comprised Team Two. In the first heat, Pirouette would play against GarGar; Tata would play against Adriana; Abigail would play against Félipe. After the first heat, Piouette fought against Adriana; GarGar fought against Félipe; Tata was against Abigail. In the final heat, Pirouette fought against Félipe; GarGar fought against Tata, and Abigail fought Adriana. At the end, the team with the most wins was declared Champion. The other team would be excoriated as losers.

At the beginning of the first heat, Tata Sous-sus felt a sudden and intense feeling of foreboding. There was something about her opponent, Madame Adriana that frightened her. Was it her smiling, perfectly proportioned visage? Was it the timber of her voice? Did her mannerism evoke some long, lost memory? Tata wasn’t sure what exactly disconcerted her with Adriana. Even her name, Adriana, caused Tata to feel as if her stomach were sinking into some dark abyss. She lost handily to the younger woman. It wasn’t even close. The final score between those two was Adriana 21, Tata 9.