Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge #12

AloneXingfu Mama’s Pull up a Seat Photo Challenge #12

GarGar 3_19_1GarGar, Lord of the Manor, lounges on the back of this overstuffed chair.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Green


Ragtag Daily Prompt : Green


How many shades of green are there? I suppose it’s infinite. Yes?

Green peppersSnake 4

Saturday Challenge: Hats

For this Weekly Prompts challenge, I have two presentations. One is of me and my youngster cat, Pirouette and two, a snapshot of a portion of my hat collection. I am particularly fond of the classic fedora.

Pirouette hat 2With daily practice, little Miss Pirouette has mastered the art of jumping onto my shoulder. She can accomplish this feet from pretty amazing distances. If I am sitting at the computer, she can leap onto me from the window sill which is at least 5 feet away. From my shoulder, she dives onto the bed, another 5 feet, without ever scratching me.Pirouette hat 1So these are for the most part my Winter and Spring hats. The Summer and Autumn ones are in another room. This photo shows 8 hats, seven of which are fedoras, and one baseball cap (from Levi’s).Hats 2Do I have a hat problem? Yes. I don’t have enough hats.

P.S. Have you noticed the sly allusion to a specific book by the great Dr. Seuss?

Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #53

Meat and Potatoes!PotatoesSteak 1

And besides meat and potatoes, we need something like onions to make a savory meal.

White onions 1 cropI hope this post didn’t make anybody too hungry!  I am a very big fan of a good meal.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Basically One Color or Hue

YellowYellow 1

Tomatoes (interesting color for a tomato).

Yellow 3


Yellow 4

Gerbera daisy

Yellow 2Spaghetti squash

My entries for Cee’s Fun Foto challenge. I’ve always loved the color yellow. To me it represents life, energy and joy. Our little blue Earth revolves around the giant yellow Sun. Add those two together and it makes green. Throw red into the mix, the third primary color, and you have an entire universe of colors.


Ragtag Daily Prompts: Butter, October 22, 2019

ButterThere it sat on top of the washer- the butter dish. Monica, in her haste to answer the phone, forgot to put the lid back on it. Now it sat like a streetwalker from days gone by, plying her wares on Fourteenth Street. As a rule, Gargar, comte des deux chats avoided the washer machine but the creamy, half-eaten bars called to him.

“Eat me,” they said.

GarGar Pissed 2.jpgGarGar, comte des deux chats.

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Dutch Goes the Photo! Tuesday Challenge: Groceries

GroceriesHalloween is coming!

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