Alive & Trekking’s Which Way Photo Challenge: Week of October 2, 2020

Which Way Photo Challenge

Some interesting signage for this week’s challenge!

Other signage that caught my eye.

Alive & Trekking Which Way Photo Challenge: April 24, 2020

Signage Stay Off

Which Way Photo Challenge Bay Bridge 1 cropChesapeake Bay BridgeBridge rte 50MD Route 50 bridge over Severn River


Which Way Photo Challenge: February 28, 2020

Signage _ No

Signage - NoHere I submit some serious signage for the Which Way Photo Challenge.

GatewayI thought that this wrought iron arch looked groovy in the early morning light. There’s a hint of road in the lower righthand corner. Note the red Mustang that belongs to my beloved Dana. I’m one of the only people allowed to drive the sacred automobile.


Which Way Photo Challenge: February 7, 2020

This is my contribution to Alive and Trekking’s Which Way photo challenge.

Which Way 1Weems Creek, February 5, 2020.


Which Way Photo Challenge, January

WWE 2College Creek as seen from Rowe Blvd, Annapolis Road Bridge.  January 15, 2020.

Powerlines 1 bI was always told as a child that if I got lost in the woods, to follow power lines to civilization.  In that spirit, I submit this and the other photograph to theWhich Way Photo Challenge from Alive and Trekking.


Which Way Photo Challenge: December 27, 2019

WWE 4 Weems signageWWE 4This is my first entry for the Which Way photo challenge. I know the first photo of the sign isn’t actually directional, but I thought it was interesting, and worth sharing. The second photograph fits in the bottom of a bridge, and there is a lovely waterway, called Weems Creek, near my house, that I’ve grown to love very much. I look forward to future challenges. The criteria for inclusion is well defined, but broad enough to make it accessible to a wide range of photographers.

Thank you, Alive and Trekking! I’m now a loyal follower of your blog. I look forward to seeing others work in this area. Happy New Year!