From the Archives: 1992

This photograph was taken in Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. during the nascent period of the gay rights movement. Protesters dyed the waters of the fountain red as a protest against government indifference to the AIDS crisis. The red was meant to symbolize the blood of those who had died needlessly. Does this remind anybody of what we are living through today?

Alive & Trekking Which Way Photo Challenge: March 19, 2021

It is always a pleasure to participate in the Which Way Challenge, hosted by Alive & Trekking.

And there are even more prohibitions!

At left is the Maryland State Seal. The colony was founded in 1632 by a wave of King Charles I (the one who got his head chopped off by the Puritans). It was a proprietary colony given to George Calvert, the first Lord Baltimore. The King graciously named the colony after his French-born wife, Henrietta Maria, known in England as Queen Mary. Lord Baltimore envisioned Maryland as a refuge for English Catholics, who faced some serious persecution in the Motherland.

Second Sculpture Saturday: August 29, 2020

Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece,

Eleftherios Venizelos (1864-1936) was elected Prime Minister of Greece eight times between the years 1910 to 1933. He held other offices such as Minister of Justice for the Cretan State. He is sometimes called the father of modern Greece. This statue is in front of the Greek Embassy in Washington, DC on Massachusetts Ave, NW along a corridor that is known as “Embassy Row.”