Photo a Week Challenge: Landscape

I am submitting this photo to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge.Powerlines 1These power lines were featured in a post last week.  This photo gives a more expansive view than previous ones which featured horses as the main subject.  It was taken in what is called “South County” in these parts.  The county in question is Anne Arundel, home to the state capital, Annapolis.  Call me provincial, but I am quite proud of my hometown.


Granny Shot It BOTD: October 6, 2019

BOTD 3 - okayBOTD & WWE 1

For me, the Bird of the Day Challenge is particularly challenging. While there appears to be a mutual affinity between me and the butterfly, birds seem to be quite spooked by me. They definitely don’t like my camera. It helps to have a nice zoom lens (Canon 75-300.) All things being equal, what I post is not even in the same league as most of the participants. I ask you to be patient with me. I am trying. Much love, Russell

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