Betty Louise’s BOTD: July 26, 2020

Betty Louise’s Bird of the Day challenge – I don’t normally participate in this challenge, but yesterday morning, this seagull agreed to pose for me. It was shortly after sunrise. I’d gone down to the city marina to photograph the sun coming up and I ran into this friendly gull.

Saturday Sculpture: Alex Haley and Friends in Downtown Annapolis

Chasing Memory’s Sculpture Saturday


Yesterday I was enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend in a garden of a church in Eastport, Annapolis (Saint Luke’s Episcopal). A large group of birds were raising a ruckus. I realized that a hawk was on an upper branch of a tree and the other birds, robins, black birds and blue birds had banded together to drive the predator off of their territory. It was an amazing sight.

Hawk 3

I’m not positive, but I believe it was a red-tailed hawk. It fled the scene only to return a few minutes later. The melodrama was played out two more times in one hour. The third bout of hostilities was still ongoing as we left the garden.

Hawk 1 - war

Jez’s WWE Challenge #23

Please forgive the tardiness of my participation in the Water Water Everywhere Challenge! I’m afraid recent events have caught me unawares and I’ve dropped the ball in a couple of areas. I hope this submission mitigates the error of my ways.

Bay Ridge 1Piers at Bay Ridge, April 9, 2020.Bay Ridge 3Tanker on the Chesapeake Bay, April 8, 2020.Bird on rockSevern River, April 5, 2020, Jonas Green Park, Annapolis, MD.

Remember BOTD?

Yesterday I got some nice shots of a mockingbird. I’m posting a couple/few here. I miss doing the Bird of the Day challenge. I’m not a very good bird photographer, so I can use all the practice I can get. I’ve always had good luck with mockingbirds. The young seem especially sangfroid, like this one. The second and third shots are fairly identical. Mockingbird 2Mockingbird 3Mockingbird 4

Jez’s Fan of… Challenge #55 – Buzzards

Buzzards 1Buzzards 2

At ground level, they’re quite hideous, but when they take flight, they are simply majestic. I speak of the buzzard. More than once, I’ve spoken of my admiration for the lowly buzzards, also known as a vulture. Yes, I am from the school that considers the terms synonymous. This is my contribution to Jez Braithwaite’s Fan of… challenge #55.