CMMC: June Alphabet Must Have K at the end of a Word: July 28, 2021

Beautiful duck
Firework(s) A little bit of a cheat…

Finally, we have the four o’clock

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge: September 22, 2019

FOTD 3When I was a boy, my mother grew Four O’Clocks. She explained to me that they got their name because, for most of the day, their blossoms are closed, but in the late afternoon, they finally open for just a few hours of daylight. Hardy plants, they produce copious amounts of seeds that bear a strong resemblance to pepper kernels. These belong to my dear Caitlin. Whenever I see them, I think of my wonderful mom.LeavesI thought that these leaves were a beautiful shade of yellow, so I am including them in today’s FOTD. Thank you, Cee!fotd-banner

#Cee’s Flower of the Day #FOTD

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: September 14, 2019

Folie à deuxFAD 1 Encore

Ménage fou

FOTD 4#Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge #FOTD