Cee’s FOTD Challenge: December 28, 2019

White 12 aWhite 12 bCee’s Flower of the Day Challenge for December 28, 2019. I took the photo of this hydrangea with my cell phone, a Samsung 7. Not the greatest camera, but it works. I did something to the settings, and now the flash never deploys. I’d hit reset, but that would erase everything.

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: November 10, 2019

Hydrangea 1a bw

This is my contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. I’ve been so enjoying Cee’s use of black and white this month that I decided to follow suit. This seems to be an excellent exercise in learning how to appreciate shape and form to the exclusion of color. Learning is fun, and I am having so much fun!

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