Not Ready to Let Go!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I took all of these photographs last night. People have already started taking down their Christmas decorations, so I was lucky to capture these. Not to worry! I have more. I’ll be posting them throughout the week. Happy New Year everybody!

Christmas lights 1Christmas lights 7Christmas lights 9Remember Renn and Stempy? The figure on the left in this photo is from that cartoon. For the life of me, I can’t remember who was Renn and who was Stempy. Was the chihuahua Renn? I think that’s right. Any experts out there who know for sure? (For those of us who are too lazy even to google it.)

Scary Santa Sought

Santa Creepy 1

Sought by authorities throughout the tri-state area, Scary Santa is sought for various acts of malfeasance, including but not limited to arson, blackmail, racketeering, accepting stolen goods, conspiracy to commit murder, murder, terrorism and burglary. The last charge stems from an incident dating back to Christmas 2018, when he was seen stuffing presents into a large red velvet bag and fleeing the scene in a flying sleigh, pulled by exactly thirteen reindeer. Call 1-800-IM-ARAT if you see Scary Santa. Do not try to apprehend subject. He may be armed and dangerous.

Scary Santa Says “Merry Christmas!”

Santa Creepy 2