Three Line Tales #204


Max shook his head in disbelief. What the Hell am I looking at? He asked himself, for before him stood a new adversary, deadlier than all the others put together. “Who are you?” He shouted at the mouse whose fur seemed to emit a glow, warm and comforting. It made one want to press their nose to its fur and wiggle it a bit.

The angel/mouse smiled at Max, and then gave him a wink. “I am the archangel Milton, sent from Heaven above to cast you back into Hell.”

“You, and what army?” Sneered Max, the demon from Hell.


Maxwell prowls the yard
Haunches up creeping up pounce
Soul lost forever

Three Line Tales, Week #204

Three Line Tales, Week 195


Helping Hands

Clinging for life at the edge of the precipice,

he hears voices in the waves behind him.

They call his name and tell him everything will be alright.

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