Ragtag Daily Prompt: Shine

Queen Pirouette extended both arms toward the little boy who couldn’t have been more that two years of age. Reluctantly, his father placed him into her arms. Peering over Pirouette’s shoulder, Abigail made cooing sounds. “Isn’t he handsome!” Said Abigail Hoffenhoff excitedly. The child was heavy but the Queen managed to hold him closely against her chest.

“I’m in love,” sighed Pirouette. “I’m sure a position can be found for you at Court,” she said to the father. “Where is your boy’s mother?”

“She passed away giving birth to the boy,” he answered in hushed tones.

Dangling her silver cross in front of the child, he was immediately attracted by its shine. “You see,” laughed Pirouette. “This boy is destined for the Church!”