Ragtag Daily Prompt: Life’s Allusions

Window 4_15_3“Did you mean illusions? Or perhaps delusions?” Queried King GarGar.

Queen Pirouette arched an eyebrow and grinned, “No. I said, ‘Life’s allusions,’ that is, passing references or stating something without explicitly saying it directly.”

“Well I don’t think you’re using the word properly.”

“That’s because you’re a man. You need everything spelled out for you.”Babies 3_18_1“It’s not fair of you to indict me for stupidity on the basis of my gender,” said GarGar with a huff. He crossed his arms and looked out the window, his strong features caught in the late in the day glow of the sun. “I don’t think you realize how cruel you can sometimes be.” He added.Babies 3_20_5

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