Ragtag Daily Prompt: Whimsical

GarGar 4_18_1King GarGar was sleepy, so he laid his head down on a pillow. In a matter of minutes, he was fast asleep. He dreamt. He dreamed of an enchanted forest where the animals could talk. The birds still sang, but between songs, they bickered. The crows were the loudest. The rabbits whispered, as did the deer. Those who only ate things like grass tended to be prey to those who ate meat. This forest, however, was different. The animals didn’t eat each other. They were much more civilized.

So it was, King GarGar roamed the forest from tree to glade and conversed with all manner of God’s creatures. Suddenly, a great crash woke him up! Bang! He opened his eyes. There stood his valet with wide-eyed horror, for he had dropped a basin of water, making a terrible mess and a racket. Poor King GarGar! No rest for the weary!

“I had the most amazing dream!” He told his valet. “It was quite whimsical. I could talk to the animals.”

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