Ragtag Daily Prompt: Image

GarGar 5_1_3King GarGar was obsessed with the new coinage. Every other month, he sponsored design competitions among the kingdom’s metal workers. Winners were given prizes of enormous value and commissions to strike commemorative medallions as well as various denominations of ducats. The medallion that celebrated ten years of King GarGar’s and Queen Pirouette’s reigns was an image of their profiles gazing at each other, with GarGar on the left and Pirouette on the right with matching crowns on their heads. The reverse side showed the three royal princesses holding hands.

GarGar 5_1_5

The ten-year medallion was made of bronze, but only a few hundred were cast. Queen Pirouette had her portrait painted wearing the medallion around her neck. She loved it so much that she gave orders that she should be buried with it when the time came. She developed the habit of gifting it to those who were in her favor, and to visiting dignitaries.

Pirouette 5_1_2

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