Ragtag Daily Prompt: Rosy Hues

Bouquet roses 3_7_1Queen Pirouette was in no mood for dissension, especially from her second daughter and namesake, la Princesse Pirouette la jeune. Already today she’d been forced to haggle with the mayor of Catapolis over petty details in the city’s new charter. Then she sat through a delegation from Parliament. If that wasn’t enough, she had just finished an interview with the ambassador from a hostile prince. Plainly said, she’d had enough.Window 5_16_1Young Pirouette stood before her mother with her jaw set defiantly out. Her eyes were narrow slits. She was visibly trembling. It hurt the Queen to see her daughter so overwrought. The girl usually saw the world in such rosy hues, but today it was different. Mother and daughter were set on a collision course. King GarGar was helpless to prevent it. All he could do was sit on the sidelines and watch.