Ragtag Daily Prompt: Overtime

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King GarGar and Queen Pirouette proceeded down the promenade hand in hand. Both wore garments of blue satin. The King wore a tri-cornered hat with a white feather in it. The Queen wore a diamond tiara in her black curls. The two looked stunning side by side. Their combined beauty created, first a hush, and then a buzz of whispered chatter. The Queen carried a fan fashioned from ostrich feathers that she used to tantalizing effect, waving it casually beneath her eyes and over her nose. Some worked overtime trying to peek behind those feathers to catch a glimpse of her pulchritude.

Jez’s WWE Challenge #25

State House paintingPainting, Maryland State House, Annapolis, MD. The Landing of the Maryland Colonists from the Ark & the Dove, St. Clements Island, March 25, 1634. By Peter Egeli, c. 1975. On loan to the state from the Steuart Investment Company.

Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere Challenge #25