FOWC with Fandango: Fortitude

Max 5_1_1When Maxwell first saw Mr. Richard Cringeworthy, it took all of his inner fortitude not to burst into raucous laughter. The man was inordinately tall in the leg, giving him an insect-like appearance. Adding to the effect was his fondness for long, black boots that went all the way over his calf. His short-waisted coat with tails was the cherry on the Sunday.

In days of yore, our erstwhile hero was the gadfly man-about-town that left a broken heart in every parlor. Now he looked like an out-of-date wannabe who only made public appearances on the basis of sheer personal fortitudeIsn’t it funny? Maxwell thought to himself. He is the human. I am just a cat. Yet I have the power to destroy his life!

“Satan give me strength!” Exclaimed Maxwell. Richard looked around but only saw a large black and white cat lingering in his front yard garden.

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